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IAC manufactures power cables for VFD frequency inverters, within the range of cables with EMC electromagnetic protection. These VFD cables are used in multiple applications where there is a risk of electrical noise between neighboring devices. The shielding allows the cable to be isolated from electromagnetic interference, acting bidirectionally both at the output and input, generating effective protection of the equipment’s performance.


There are different types of shielding, both by means of aluminum-polyester tapes, with concentric screens, and with mesh braids of polished or tinned copper wires. The combination of several elements is also common to achieve protection close to 100%. Depending on the needs of the project, the cables can be built in a particular way to guarantee the protection, as well as the flexibility and robustness of the cable.

One of the common uses of EMC cables are IAC’s VFD cables, the use of which is becoming more and more widespread given the high sensitivity of the equipment to be protected (motorization and maneuvering equipment for production, transport or transmission lines). Currently, industries prefer to invest in cables prepared to protect expensive equipment and whose stops can cause critical situations and high repair costs and incalculable production losses.

The construction of the IAC’s VFD cables can be diverse, both in the type of copper conductor in class 2, 5 or 6 in mm2 as well as in AWG, with XLPE insulation and PVC or halogen-free sheaths. These 0.6/1kV cables are built under IEC standards and have CPR certification. At IAC we manufacture versions with symmetrical, reduced and distributed 3+3 ground conductors, indistinctly as required by the project. Some of the versions that IAC manufactures are ROZ1-K (EMC), Z1C4Z1-K, 2YSLCY-J, 2YSLCYK-J, 2XSL(St), among others. Production deadlines are very competitive and we offer our clients the possibility of adapting the construction of the cable and proposing cost and operational improvements from the IAC technical department.

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