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IAC is a private, family-owned company dedicated to the manufacturing of industrial power, instrumentation, control and special low-voltage cables.

From the beginning, IAC's main value has been the ability to adapt its production techniques to the requirements of its customers, particularly in instrumentation and low-voltage cables for industry. In this area, IAC has been able to provide products and solutions developed according to customer specifications based on profitability and competitive structure.

We also have several years of experience in the cable industry and a recognized technical background in the design of new cables and compounds, as well as a knowledge of the market and customer-oriented philosophy. Both profiles result in a company that aims to provide innovative cable solutions for EPC and end users.

Calanda, Teruel
IAC Team Day 2023
Vallbona d'Anoia, Barcelona

IAC has two production plants, one in Vallbona d’Anoia (40 km from Barcelona), and another one in Calanda, province of Teruel.

A total of 9000 meters of covered surface and more than 25000 meters of outdoor areas, The industrial capacities of both plants allow us to manufacture from 0’5 mm2 to 4×400 mm2. Our production model is very versatile and adapted to the current market demands.



JAN 1993

Creation of IAC

Two partners with experience in the cable world create IAC, to meet the demand for special cable manufacturing in the Spanish market.
MAY 2008

Factory in Sevilla

To serve the market in central and southern Spain, a production unit is established in Seville. Taking a step forward in production capacity and service.
FEB 2013

Factory in Calanda

The Calanda industrial plant in Teruel is built. A project with great potential for IAC, which allows the production of medium and large sections.
JUN 2023

Premium cable ranges

New premium cable ranges are launched in the market as such as VFD ServoDrive® , PUR PowerShark®, PurScreen®.

Growth data from 2020

New projects
New products
Foreign markets
Tn Copper
Design and optimization of cables for any project and industrial use.

Our engineering area has extensive experience in the design and development of cables and proposes solutions that generate savings and added value to the client.

Extensive and multifunctional industrial capabilities.

IAC's two production plants are perfectly equipped to meet the demand for low-voltage cables, especially cables with mechanical and electromagnetic protection, and cables with extra features such as PUR, Fire Resistant and Hydrocarbon Resistant.

The guarantee of an experienced manufacturer.

IAC offers you the peace of mind of supervising the project from its definition to its execution, guaranteeing the quality of the manufactured cables. We build cables under international standards and we have the CPR standards in a wide range of cables.

Our cables and processes are audited by independent bodies


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