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IAC proudly introduces its extra flexible LSZH cable, designed from our IAC Lab to simplify the handling and installation of thick gauge cables, both single and multicore, up to 4G400mm2.

It is well known that the properties and construction of halogen-free cables can limit cable flexibility, leading to increased installation time and difficulty on construction sites, ultimately raising project costs and associated expenses.

The FlexiGreen® LSZH extra flexible cable is developed with a specific Ethylene-Propylene-Diene compound for the insulation, providing significantly more flexibility than XLPE while maintaining the properties specified in the IEC 60502-1 standard. Additionally, the improved copper strand configuration facilitates better cable handling, especially for sections ranging from 1×70 to 1x630mm2, and the range of thick gauge multicore cables.

The FlexiGreen® LSZH extra flexible range is manufactured in the required outer jacket color (black, green, etc.) and is CPR certified. It is also supplied in the exact lengths required for the project and FCM (Fast Cable Manufacturing)  is available for last-minute urgencies.

Send us your inquiries: iac@innovacionesdelcable.com

Key takeaways:

  • Enhanced flexibility: The FlexiGreen® cable offers superior flexibility compared to traditional LSZH cables, making it easier to handle and install, particularly for thick gauge cables.
  • Streamlined installation: The improved cable design and construction contribute to faster and more efficient installation, saving time and labor costs on projects.
  • Tailored solutions: The FlexiGreen® range is available in various outer jacket colors and can be supplied in specific lengths to meet project requirements.
  • Made with 100% Green Energy : We use 100% green energy in our 2 plants.
  • CPR certification : The cable meets CPR European standards for fire safety

Benefits for businesses:

  • Reduced installation costs: Easier handling and faster installation translate into lower labor costs and improved project efficiency.
  • FCM available : Ask for our Fast Cable Solution  and get the cables in very short lead times.
  • Total Customization : We manufacture the exact lengths required.

Overall, the IAC FlexiGreen® extra-flexible LSZH cable offers a compelling solution for businesses seeking to streamline cable installation, reduce costs, and enhance project safety.