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Value proposition

At IAC we put our experience and capacity in the design and manufacture of cables at the service of our customers, offering faster, more economical, more efficient and more convenient alternatives.
    • Customizing cables in OEM production
    • Offering a wide range of low voltage cables.
    • Manufacturing under UNE, VDE, ICE, CEI, NF, CR1-C1, UTE, BS, and under particular requirements
    • Proposing more efficient and economical cable constructions than some standard solutions
    • Manufacturing in very tight deadlines
    • With maximum flexibility in terms of MOQ's and requirements
    • Offering very competitive prices


All processes are carried out in our factories

Insulation extrusion

We have several lines dedicated to extruding insulation with different compounds: PVC, XLPE, XLPO, EPR, HEPR, PE, PP EXP, LSZH and TPE, among others.

Our lines allow us to produce in a range from 0.34mm2 to 630mm2.

Thanks to our double extruders we can manufacture bi-color and co-extrusion cables.


Wiring and pairing

We have equipment for wiring, numbering and pairing various types of formations, reaching up to 500mm2.

The wiring lines allow us to manufacture cables from 2 to 61 conductors, depending on the section, reaching formations of up to 4x400mm2.

Braiding, shielding and pairing

We are specialists in applying screens with bare or tinned copper wire, with wire diameters from 0.12mm to 0.30mm tinned and steel or iron.

For cable protection, we also apply electromagnetic shielding of copper or aluminum/polyester tapes, as well as corrugated copper or aluminum tapes.


Our extensive equipment allows us to manufacture armored cables of all kinds: steel braids, galvanized steel or aluminum wire crown, aluminum, steel or galvanized steel strips, corrugated tinned steel strip, etc.

Sheath extrusion

In the two production plants we have dedicated lines for the extrusion of covers and seats of multiple compounds such as PVC, NBR, XLPE, EPR, HEPR, PE, LSZH. TPE, PUR, etc...

Quality and Laboratories

In both plants we have laboratories to test the manufactured cables. Our cables are subjected to several quality controls during and after manufacturing.