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Over the years, IAC has supplied cables for multiple industrial uses, thanks to its wide experience in the design and production of cables with special requirements. Our cables have been installed in projects all over the world, through our business partners

Cables for mining

We manufacture cables for mining environments and ATEX zones where the demand for robustness and mechanical protection is at its highest. The different types of armor cover all requirements like SWA, ABA, SBA, etc...

Cables for Generation & Nuclear

Our power, control and instrumentation cables ensure electrical and signal transmission, with maximum electromagnetic and mechanical protection and the highest resistance to fire.

Cables for Industrial automation

The industry requires cables that guarantee the operation and useful life of the equipment, thanks to the different electromagnetic protections, such as cables for VFD drives with different confgurations to fit any requirement.

Cables for Industrial appliances

We manufacture multi-conductor cables and hoses for connection of electrical equipment, where the requirement is flexibility and mechanical resistance, such as class 6 multi-conductors and PUR cables. In example : EV Charging Cables.

Cables for Renewable Energy

IAC manufactures cables for the growing demand for electrification of renewable energy installations, including photovoltaic, windmills power cables, and hybrid cables TPU-PUR, either copper and aluminum conductors.

Cables for Oil & Gas

Our power, control and instrumentation cables for oil & gas are designed to resist the action of oils and hydrocarbons, and work safely in high temperatures.

Data Centers

We manufacture LSZH cables for Data Centers in thick sections 1x630mm2 and in multi-conductors up to 4G400mm2. Additionally, additives are included that improve flexibility, operating temperature and mechanical and EMC protection.


We are experts in the manufacture of combined cables for agricultural uses in irrigation systems, as well as robust cables for use outdoors and in conditions of humidity, water and temperature.

Submersible applications

For installations where cables must operate submerged, we have multiple solutions depending on the installation requirements, whether water treatment, submersible pumps or installations in saline or contaminated water, such as PowerShark® cables.

We deliver worldwide

Our commercial department can quote your projects either EXW, FOB, CIF, DDP, etc...

Fast manufacturing

We manufacture in very competitive and tighter deadlines than the market average, and with high reliability and compliance.

Flexible MOQ's

We are flexible about our customers' requirements, working with very reasonable MOQ's.